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تجارة الذهب الالكترونية LOCATED IN  PRETORIA, GAUTENG granie na giełdzie 1.  NAME

The name of the association is Birdlife Northern-Gauteng/ Gauteng-Noord,  a branch of BIRDLIFE SOUTH AFRICA (hereafter called “BLSA” and the branch hereafter called “the Branch”). كيفية شراء وبيع الاسهم 2.  STATUS AND AFFILIATION

2.1 The Branch is a voluntary association being an independent legal entity with capacity, inter alia, to own immovable property and movable property and to sue and be sued.

2.2 The Branch shall be a member of and affiliated to BLSA and all correspondence, invoices, communications and publications of the Branch shall record that it is “A Branch of BLSA”.  Should it cease to be a member of BLSA for any reason, then its affiliation shall cease and it shall not be entitled to record the said branch status.

2.3 The Branch shall not directly or indirectly establish a sub-branch without the prior written consent of BLSA.

2.4 The financial year of the Branch shall coincide with BLSA. عدد اسهم الانابيب السعودية 3.  AREA OF ACTIVITIES

The Branch shall be located in the town or district referred to in the preamble for the purposes of serving the interests and activities of its members in that area.

تحميل برنامج فوركس 4.  OBJECTIVES

The objectives of the Branch shall be identical to those in the BLSA Constitution, being Appendix I hereto. استثمار ٥٠ الف بالذهب 5.  PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANISATION – SPECIAL CONDITIONS

In the event that the Branch desires to register as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in order to obtain taxation exemptions, it shall be obliged to adhere to the special conditions imposed by the Commissioner SARS in the BLSA constitution, Appendix I hereto.

السوق الاسهم السعودي 6.  POWERS

The powers of the Branch shall be identical to those in the BLSA Constitution, Appendix I hereto, save that it shall not have the power to form branches or sub-branches without the prior written consent of BLSA. الاسهم السعودية مباشر مجاني 7.  MEMBERS

7.1 No person or organisation shall be admitted as a member of the Branch until first admitted as a member of BLSA. Any member who subsequently ceases to be a member of BLSA for any reason, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Branch.

7.2 Save for para 7.1 the provisions relating to membership shall be identical to those in the BLSA Constitution, Appendix I hereto.  Any reference  to “Council” shall be deemed to refer to the “Committee” of the Branch and any reference to the “Organisation” shall be deemed to refer to the “Branch”.  Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Branch and also forwarded by the Branch to BLSA if the Applicant is not already a member of BLSA.  In particular, a Branch may determine its own membership fees.


The provisions relating to termination of branch membership shall be identical to those in the BLSA Constitution, Appendix I hereto.  Again, reference to “Council” shall be deemed to refer to the “Committee” and reference to the “Organisation” shall be deemed to refer to the “Branch”.

الاستثمار في الذهب في السعودية 9.  COMMITTEE

9.1 The affairs of the Branch shall be managed by a Committee comprised of at least FIVE (5) elected members.

9.2 The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Nominations shall preferably be in writing and a nominee shall consent in writing or in person at the meeting.

9.3 The Committee shall be entitled to co-opt additional members.

9.4 Committee members, including co-opted members, shall hold office until the following AGM when they shall retire but be eligible for re-election provided that no member may hold office as a Committee member (other than as Treasurer) for more than FOUR (4) consecutive years.

9.5 At its first meeting after election, the members of the Committee shall elect :

9.5.1  a Chairman;
9.5.2  a Vice-Chairman;
9.5.3  a Secretary;
9.5.4  a Treasurer.

9.6 The Committee shall meet so often as is necessary.  The quorum for a meeting shall be at least FIFTY PER CENT (50%) of the Committee members.

سعر البيع اسهم ام القرى 10.  POWERS AND DUTIES OF COMMITTEE

10.1 The powers and duties of the Committee shall be identical with those of the Council in the BLSA Constitution, Appendix I hereto, save that the Committee shall not determine regional groupings of any sub-branches.

10.2 In addition to the aforegoing, the Committee shall :

10.2.1 submit a copy of its Annual Financial Statements to BLSA within FOUR (4) MONTHS of the financial year end together with a copy of the Chairman’s report;

10.2.2 conduct an audit of its financial affairs or its Annual Financial Statements when requested by BLSA and furnish a report thereon to BLSA;

10.2.3 open banking or savings accounts or investments referred to in the Special Conditions in the BLSA Constitution, which accounts or investments shall be operated under the  joint signature of the Treasurer and one other member.

موقع البورصة الكويتية اسهم وربة 11.  GENERAL MEETINGS

11.1 The AGM shall be held no later than THREE (3) MONTHS after the close of the financial year.  At least FOURTEEN (14) DAYS’ notice of the meeting shall be sent to all members.

11.2 The business of AGM shall be to :

11.2.1 read and confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any Special General Meetings;

11.2.2 receive the Chairman’s report;

11.2.3 consider and approve the Annual Financial Statements;

11.2.4 elect the Committee for the coming year;

11.2.5 appoint an auditor if required by BLSA;

11.2.6 consider and vote upon any necessary business.

11.3 The Committee may call a Special General Meeting whenever it thinks fit and shall call a meeting when requested in writing to do so by not less than TEN (10) members of the Branch.  Not less than FOURTEEN (14) DAYS’ notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given.

11.4 Voting at an AGM or Special General Meeting shall be on a show of hands unless the Chairman determines that a ballot shall be held.

11.5 The quorum at an AGM or Special General Meeting shall be TEN (10) members.  Should a quorum not be attained the meeting shall stand adjourned and not less than FOURTEEN (14) DAYS’ notice shall be given to all members of the adjourned meeting at which the members present shall be deemed to constitute a quorum.

11.6 The Committee may in its discretion permit proxies to be appointed by members who are unable to attend meetings.”


12.1 No amendments to the Constitution shall be approved without the prior written consent of BLSA and the resolution of two-thirds of the members of the Branch in attendance at a Special General Meeting provided that no approval was required in respect of amendments that were designed solely to improve the internal administration of the branch. All such amendments shall be submitted to BLSA..

12.2 It is in the interests of each branch of BLSA to operate under a standard constitution. مواعيد العمل في سوق الاسهم السعودي 13.  RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF MEMBERS

13.1 The Branch Members shall have no rights to any money or assets of the Branch.

13.2 The liability of Branch Members shall be limited to the amount of unpaid subscriptions.


In the event of the Branch being dissolved, any remaining assets shall be transferred to BLSA.


Chairman of the Meeting

Appendix 1
Revised March 2006

1.  NAME

The name of the association shall be "BirdLife South Africa" (referred to as the Organisation).


The Organisation shall have legal personality distinct from its members who shall have no right to the assets of the Organisation or any of its Branches. The liability of members shall be limited to the amount of the unpaid subscriptions, if any, owing to the Organisation or any of its Branches.


The mission of the Organisation is to promote the enjoyment, understanding, study and conservation of birds and their environments.

The Organisation shall comply with the following requirements of the Commissioner: SARS or any additional requirements or amendments hereafter imposed.

4.1 The sole object of the Organisation is to carry on one or more public benefit activity as defined in Section 30(1) of the Act, in a non-profit manner.

4.2 Such public benefit activity/activities (or substantially the whole thereof) shall be carried out in the Republic.

4.3 At least three of the persons who accept fiduciary responsibility for the Organisation shall not be connected persons, as defined in the Act.

4.4 No funds will be distributed to any person (other than in the course of undertaking any public benefit activity).

4.5 The funds of the Organisation shall be used solely for the objects for which it was established, or shall be invested with registered financial institutions as defined in Section 1 of the Financial Services Board Act 1990 (Act No 97 of 1990) or in securities listed on a stock exchange as defined in the Stock Exchanges Control Act 1985 (Act No 1 of 1985).

4.6 The Organisation shall not carry on any business undertaking or trading activity unless specifically permitted in terms of Section 30 (3)(b)(iv) of the Act.

4.7 On dissolution of the Organisation the remaining assets shall be transferred to :

4.7.1 any similar public benefit organisation which has been approved in terms of  Section 30 of the Act.

4.7.2 any institution, board or body which is exempt from the payment of income tax in terms of Section 10(1)(cA)(i) of the Act, which has as its sole or principal object the carrying on of any public benefit activity, or

4.7.3 any department of State or administration in the national or provincial or local sphere of government in the Republic contemplated in Section 10(1)(a) or (b) of the Act.

4.8 No donation will be accepted which is revocable at the instance of the donor for reasons other than a material failure to confirm to the designated purposes and conditions of such donation, including misrepresentation with regard to the tax deductibility thereof in terms of Section 18A : Provided that a donor may not impose any conditions which could enable such donor or any connected person in relation to such donor to derive some direct or indirect benefit from the application of such donation.

4.9 A copy of all amendments to the constitution of the Organisation shall be submitted to the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service.

4.10 No remuneration will be paid to any employee, office bearer, member or other person which is excessive having regard to what is generally considered reasonable in the sector and in relation to the service rendered.

4.11 The Organisation shall submit the required Income Tax Returns together with the relevant supporting documents.

4.12 In the case that the Organisation provides funds to any association of persons contemplated in paragraph (b) (iii) of the definition of “public benefit activity”, reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the funds are utilised for the purpose for which it has been provided.

4.13 The Organisation shall within such period as the Commissioner may determine, register in terms of Section 13(5) of the Non-profit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act No.71 of 1997), and comply with any other requirements imposed in terms of that Act.

4.14 Where the Organisation has been approved in terms of Section 18A of the Act, 75% of the funds received by or accrued to the organisation by way of donations which qualify for a deduction, will be distributed (or an obligation will be incurred to so distribute) within twelve months from the financial year end during which such donations were received.


Subject to the Special Conditions in paragraph 4, the Organisation may do all things required to achieve the objectives of the  Organisation and without limiting its general powers, the  Organisation may operate in South Africa and through like minded organisations elsewhere and may:

5.1 purchase, acquire, invest in, lease and let out, improve, pledge, mortgage and alienate movable or immovable property; or rights

5.2 lend and borrow money, with or without security,  and on such terms of interest, if any5.3    employ, pay and indemnify agents, trustees and advisers of every description, and establish trusts, corporations and associations;

5.3 employ, pay and indemnify agents, trustees and advisers of every description, and establish trusts, corporations and associations

5.4 engage in legal proceedings of every description and sue or be sued in its own name;

5.5 open and operate on accounts at reputable banks and other financial institutions under the signatures of not fewer than two persons authorised thereto by council,

5.6 engage in educational activities relating to ornithology and the environment;

5.7 co-operate with and assist other environmental and educational organisations;

5.8 authorise the formation of Branches;


6.1 The members of the Organisation shall be the persons or organisations admitted to membership in defined categories with rates of subscriptions determined by Council, except for:

Honorary Life members who shall be natural persons not more than 20 in number who in the opinion of the Council, endorsed by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting, have made a significant contribution towards the work of the Organisation

6.2 All members or organisations shall have a single vote each.

6.3 Application for Membership

6.3.1. Application for membership may be submitted to a Branch committee and shall be forwarded to Council or may be submitted direct.

6.3.2. A person applying for or accepting membership shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the constitution and amendments thereto. A copy of the constitution shall be available for inspection at the offices of the  Organisation and a copy shall be made available to the member on request.

6.4 Register of Members

A register of members reflecting their names, addresses and category of membership shall be maintained by the Organisation. The contents of the register shall be deemed to be correct and members shall be responsible for ensuring that the information on the register is correct.

6.5 Membership Fees

Council shall from time to time prescribe the membership fees payable by any category of members or class within a category and the time and manner of payment.

6.6 Membership Categories.
The Council will from time to time determine the different membership categories and membership benefits.


Membership shall terminate when:

7.1 a member has not paid the annual subscription within two months after due date, provided that the organisation shall have the right to re-instate membership on such terms as it may impose.

7.2 the Secretariat receives written notice of resignation from a member;

7.3 a member acts in a manner inimical to any of the objectives of the Organisation as determined by Council and after due and proper enquiry, is expelled.


8.1 The Council shall comprise the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer who shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and hold office until the next when they shall be eligible for re-election provided that the Chairman shall hold office for a maximum consecutive period of four years.

8.2 Proposed, seconded and accepted nominations shall be lodged prior to the meeting.

8.3 Forthwith after the Meeting the Council shall co-opt as full members the following persons who shall hold office until the next meeting :-

8.3.1 one representative for each of at least six regional groupings of Branches as agreed by Council. This representative will preferably be elected by the Chairmen of each regional grouping. acting on the instructions of the branches in the regional grouping. Branches having 10 to 200 members shall be allocated 1 vote. Branches having 201 to 400 members shall be allocated 2 votes. For each additional 200 members above the 400, a branch shall be allocated a further vote.

8.3.2 one representative to represent each of the following three positions: the Director of the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology; the Director of the Avian Demography Unit and the Honorary Editor of Ostrich.

8.3.3 any other person or persons for the particular expertise that may be brought to the Organisation

8.4 Should the office of any elected or co-opted member become vacant, Council shall appoint another person to fill the relevant office until the next meeting.

8.5 The elected and co-opted members shall appoint a Director of the Organisation for such period as they shall determine and replace the Director when necessary. The Director shall be an ex-officio member of Council

8.6 Members shall appoint an Honorary President of the Organisation for three years at the AGM and fill any vacancy for the residual period. The President shall be an ex-officio member of Council.

8.7 Members of Council shall be members of the Organisation in good standing and shall cease to hold office should they cease to be a member.


Council shall meet not less than twice a year and shall determine its own procedures provided that:

9.1 unless the meeting is urgent, the Director shall give Council members not fewer than 10 days notice of the agenda of the meeting;

9.2 the quorum for the meeting shall be 50% of the members of Council;

9.3 Council shall elect a member to act as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman;

9.4 the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting and a deliberative vote.

9.5 the President shall not have the right to vote.


The Council shall manage the affairs of the Organisation and do whatever it considers appropriate to achieve the objectives of the Organisation.

In particular, Council:-

10.1 may appoint committees and determine their terms of reference and composition and the conditions under which they shall operate;

10.2 may delegate any of its functions;

10.3 shall keep full and proper records of its affairs;

10.4 shall determine regional groupings of the branches.


11.1 Council shall each year convene an Annual General Meeting within 6 months of the end of the financial year. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:

- confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any General Meetings
- consideration and adoption of the annual report of the Director;

- consideration and adoption of the annual report of the Chairman;

- consideration and adoption of the audited annual financial statements;

- election of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and President (when necessary)    

- appointment of the auditor;

- consideration of resolutions submitted by a member or a Branch, notice of which has been submitted to the Director not fewer than 2 months before the meeting;

- any other business allowed by the Chairman.

11.2 The financial year of the Organisation shall be the 12 month period preceding 31 December in each year.

11.3 Notice of any General Meeting of members shall be posted to members not fewer than 4 weeks before the meeting and shall be deemed to have been received if posted to the address of the member as recorded in the register.

11.4 The quorum for a meeting shall be 30 members present and entitled to vote.

11.5 If insufficient members are present to constitute a quorum a meeting may be adjourned for not more than 60 days and notice of the adjourned meeting shall be despatched to all members within 14 days after the original meeting.

11.6. If within 30 minutes of the time fixed for the adjourned meeting insufficient members are present to constitute a quorum, the adjourned meeting shall be deemed to form the requisite quorum.

11.7. The Secretary shall on receipt of a requisition signed by 100 members or 10% of the membership whichever be the lesser, convene a General Meeting. A General Meeting convened in this manner shall be subject to the provisions of this constitution relating to General Meeting, mutatis mutandis.

11.8 Proxy forms and nomination forms for the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and President (when necessary) shall be included with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting.


12.1 Unless otherwise provided in this constitution, the vote of the majority of those members present and entitled to vote at any meeting shall prevail. Voting shall be by show of hands unless a ballot is demanded by a majority of those present in person or by proxy who are entitled to vote.

12.2 The Chairman presiding at the meeting shall have a deliberative vote and a casting vote.

12.3 A person entitled to vote may appoint another member for one meeting as his proxy, to represent him and to vote. This proxy shall be delivered in writing to the Chairman before a Meeting. The proxy form shall be signed by the member and shall specify the date of the meeting and the name of the proxy.

13.1 Branches of the Organisation may be established with the written approval of Council subject to the terms and conditions set out below

13.1.1 A Branch shall be an independent legal entity

13.1.2 A Branch constitution shall adhere to the guidelines issued by the Organisation and its name together with any amendments shall be approved by the Organisation.

13.1.3 The Branch shall be a member of the Organisation.

13.1.4 Members of a branch shall at all times be members of the Organisation.

13.1.5 The Branch shall record in its correspondence and all publications the fact that it is "A Branch of BirdLife South Africa". A Branch which ceases to be a member shall be prohibited from using the name "BirdLife" in any way.

13.1.6 The financial year end of the branch shall be on the 31st December each year.

13.1.7 Within 4 months of the end of the financial year a branch shall submit to the Organisation a copy of the annual financial statements and its chairman's report.

13.1.8 A Branch may not establish a sub-branch without the written approval of the Organisation.

13.1.9 A branch shall be entitled to levy its own members for enrolment fees, subscriptions and charges for publications.

13.1.10 In the event of a breach of any of the above terms and conditions, after due and proper enquiry the Organisation shall endeavour to resolve such breach with the Branch but shall be entitled to suspend or de-register the Branch in its entire discretion.


The constitution may be amended or the Organisation may be dissolved by a resolution passed by two-thirds of the members present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting of members, provided that the notice of the meeting shall have set out the proposed amendments and the reasons therefore or the proposed dissolution and the reasons therefore as the case may be. The provisions of paragraph 4.7 shall apply in the case of dissolution.